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Gullberg, William K. Jr.

122 West Boston AvenueSuite 200Monmouth, IL 61462
Phones: (309) 734-1001 (Telephone)
(309) 734-1005 (Fax)
Fax: (309) 734-1005
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Lawyer Overview

Bill Gullberg is an experienced litigator in a range of legal matters.  The difference Bill brings to the case is a passion for representing the rights, freedom, and property of his clients.  Experience and professionalism is one thing - experience and professionalism with a true passion and focus for achieving a just and favorable result for clients is something very different.

Bill's professional history includes 18 years of practice in Chicago, where he started out...

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Bill Gullberg is an experienced litigator in a range of legal matters.  The difference Bill brings to the case is a passion for representing the rights, freedom, and property of his clients.  Experience and professionalism is one thing - experience and professionalism with a true passion and focus for achieving a just and favorable result for clients is something very different.

Bill's professional history includes 18 years of practice in Chicago, where he started out at Continental Illinois Bank, joined a law firm on LaSalle Street and eventually formed his own firm.  Bill moved his practice to downstate Illinois in 1997 and in 2007, he formed the  partnership Gullberg & Box.

Bill handles worker's compensation cases for injured workers, personal injury, dui, and criminal matters, as well as a wide range of business and commercial litigation.  Bill's background and experience as a litigator also allows him to give business and personal clients advice on protecting their assets, estate planning, and protecting them against claims and law suits in the first place.

Bill resides in Kirkwood with his wife, Christine.  He is active in the community and currently is President of the Village of Kirkwood.  Prior to that he served as a Village Trustee  (alderman) for 10 years.  Bill's interests include making Windsor furniture.  He is a member of Harvest Bible Chapel and was a team member of a mission trip to Romania where he helped construct a soccer field.

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Current Employment Position(s)
Senior Partner
Practice Areas
Worker's CompensationPersonal InjuryDUICriminal MattersBusiness and Commercial LitigationEstate PlanningFamily Law
Bar Admissions
Illinois, 1979U.S. District Court Northern District of Illinois, 1979U.S. District Court Northern District of Illinois Trial BarU.S. District Court Central District of Illinois, 1987U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit, 1997U.S. District Court Northern District of Indiana, 1996
Other Affiliations
Illinois State Bar AssociationWarren County Bar AssociationHenderson County Bar AssociationNational College for DUI Defense, Inc.Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.
University of Illinois College of Law, Champaign, Illinois, May, 1979
Juris Doctor
Honors: Dean's List
Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois
Honors: High Honors
Fraternities and Sororities
Phi Kappa Phi
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Office Information
122 West Boston AvenueSuite 200Monmouth, IL 61462
(309) 734-1001 (Telephone)(309) 734-1005 (Fax)
(309) 734-1005
30Client recommendations  for William K. Gullberg
From wewonthecase2015:
PROFESSIONAL TEAM WITH AMAZING RESULTS! I was arrested for a DUI after refusing breath tests due to the many stories I have heard about them leading to unjust convictions. Due to my career a DUI conviction could have ultimately destroyed my future. I was scared, anxious, and extremely upset. I called multiple Law offices and after speaking with Gullberg, Box & Worby LLC, I immediately felt comfortable and much more confident. At my very first meeting with Bill, I was treated with respect and understanding; making a very stressful period seem more bearable. First, my statutory summary suspension of driving privileges was lifted. This was a huge thing which Bill did. I was able to continue to drive throughout the court proceedings. This was done by showing that there was not "probable cause" to arrest me for DUI. Next, we went to trial. After the prosecutors exhausted every possible way to convince the judge that I was guilty of something I did not do. While my case made its way to trial I was worrying, crying, and over-analyzing every detail of my arrest which had marinated in my mind like a horror story....but after TWO days of trial with the prosecutor using every little thing against me....a finding of NOT GUILTY!!!!! Bill and his team were there every single step of the way, not only helping me to be found not guilty, but providing me with reassurance that they would achieve the best outcome. For ME that outcome is NOT GUILTY. If you want an Attorney who will fight for you, go more than the extra mile to analyze every detail of an arrest, that WILL find every flaw, and make you feel like a human being through the agonizing and fearful court proceedings by providing support and reassurance. BILL AND HIS TEAM IS WHO YOU WANT! THIS IS WHO YOU NEED TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON! Especially if you are like me and a DUI conviction will impact your life in an unbearable manner; and These Days, a DUI conviction will impact nearly everyone is a serious manner. P.S. Cops are not always righ
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
wewonthecase2015 hired William K. Gullberg in 2015.
From CatGuy:
Bill! All I can say is...Bill Gullberg. With so much at stake, I wouldn't put my future in the hands of any firm other than Gullberg, Box, & Worby. Bill's swift, skillful defense, prevented my license from being suspended and ultimately saw my case beat...not dismissed but flat out beat! I'd like to consider myself to be a reasonably smart, responsible person...just like you! After making one of the worst decisions in my 24 years of age, I was able to subsequently validate my initial assertion by choosing Gullberg, Box & Worby to represent me. Leveraging his extensive skill and experience, Bill aggressively defended my interests -- my accomplishments, my career, and my future! The outcome of EVERY court date was favorable. My future shined as brightly as the sun on the May day I walked out of the Peoria Courthouse with Bill and team after a "NOT GUILTY" ruling on my DUI case. You can't put a price on your future. For a serious DUI charge, YOU NEED serious defense! William "Bill the Daggett" Gullberg and team is the answer. True advocates FOR YOU!
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
CatGuy hired William K. Gullberg in 2015.
From Relieved1:
The most trying time is the day after your issue. Let me assure you, you have landed at the best firm for handling your situation. I began as you: searching for the best representation I could possibly find. Bill Gullberg is your answer. His firm's diligence, passion, and expertise are unmatched. Every call, every email, and every question is answered immediately. Your case is Bill's case. Period. I was new to trouble. Nervous. Anxious. Frustrated. Mr. Gullberg took over and I received the best outcome for my situation. Go with proven results. You found your firm.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
Relieved1 hired William K. Gullberg in 2015.
From BResponsible:
I needed to talk to a lawyer on a Saturday and Bill answered. He quickly understood what I needed and gave me confidence that I had found the right person to represent me. I had not made it easy for Bill to defend my position, but he was able to look at the facts and create a comprehensive defense strategy for me. I am fortunate that he answered when I needed a lawyer. He knows the law and understands people. I would recommend Bill to anyone that needs a lawyer.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
BResponsible hired William K. Gullberg in 2014.
From lplatt:
In my opinion an attorney must possess special knowledge, skills and ability (KSA's) to defend a client on a charge of DWI. Just owning the SFST manual or being "familiar" with the charge is not going to help the client. I have had the pleasure of having Bill Gullberg as both a student and testifying for him in a DWI trial in which Bill was the defense attorney. I consider myself an authority on DWI detection and standardized field sobriety, it is always a pleasure to work with an attorney who possesses the KSA's that in my opinion should be required to defend the client against the DWI charge. Bill Gullberg possesses the knowledge of the DWI offense and how it relates to the law and the clinet, he possesses the skills to defend and understand the tactics of the case including standardized field sobriety and the DWI detection process the officer's follow, and he possesses the ability to take the case and go to trial, this in my opinion is what an attorney should do for the client on every case, unfortunately this is not always done. The consequences of a DUI can be devastating to the accused, let Bill Gullberg fight with you and for you.
lplatt hired William K. Gullberg in 2014.
From James1:
Bill Gullberg is knowledgable, accessible and resourceful. He provided me with a creative and reasoned defense that reflected the legal knowledge and experience gained from his days as a Chicago attorney and the local knowledge gained from years of practice in Western Illinois. I'm confident that Bill's successful defense of my DUI case could not have been duplicated by another attorney currently practicing in Western Illinois.
Legal Issue: Other
James1 hired William K. Gullberg in 2014.
From shaw22:
When I first met Bill and his staff they were all very friendly and made you feel at home. I talked with Bill about my case and seemed like he went to work right away even though I came to him only a few days before my court date. Every time he called me he had news about the case for me. He worked very hard and over a stressful time with the holidays. I just wanted to say that he is a very nice guy and did his best to do everything he could for me. I definitely would recommend him for anyone and ill be putting out the word for my friends if they ever need a lawyer. While representing me he ended up getting my DUI case dismissed and got my license back only 2 days after court. Very worth it and glad I found him. Thanks Bill!
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
shaw22 hired William K. Gullberg in 2014.
From rjvesper:
Bill provided me w excellent advice and always kept me informed. Thanks to his services I got my license back w no provisions.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
rjvesper hired William K. Gullberg in 2013.
From dstewie66:
I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and respect to my situation. William Gullberg exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.
Legal Issue: Other
dstewie66 hired William K. Gullberg in 2013.
From James68Smith:
When I first met Bill my first impression was that he was very determined in finding out the facts and observe all the angles that could be helpful to the case. He is a determined lawyer that will win not only win your case but your admiration as well. He has a team that is only a call away with all the answers that may come up with the facts to back them up.Bill did not give up on my case even after my wife and I already had. he stuck with it and call me up one day with news that literally sat me down. Great News he said and boy was it. I owe him a lot as far as gratitude. Never have I had a lawyer that actually cared. His fare is low in comparison to the out come and the results of winning your case. I refer to him as the lawyer from True Grit, I admire him and his team as much as she did in the movie. Lawyer Daggett
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
James68Smith hired William K. Gullberg in 2013.
From JustCause:
If I had to pick one attorney for legal advice or to represent I or a member of my family in Court it would be Bill Gullberg. In the beginning I thought his fee was a bit expensive but I now believe he is worth every penny. I found him to be honest, open minded, experienced, easy to talk to, concerned, respectful, dedicated and responsive. He puts his clients first and is agressive in defending them. I believe that Bill sees the best in people and the promise of what they are capable of achieving. The more I got to know Bill the more I grew to respect his abilities and to respect him as a human being.
Legal Issue: Other
JustCause hired William K. Gullberg in 2012.
From Onehappynurse:
I recommend William Gullberg of Gullberg and Box to anyone who is in need of their service. Their flat feet service is not overly priced (which is cheaper than a DUI) and they do not charge for phone calls. Bill got my case dropped before even going to trial. Mr. Gullberg had the tropper almost in tears (like he was Barny Fife), I really hope that he does not go into medical suits. Great attorneys at Gullberg and Box, if you need their service I would go to them.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
Onehappynurse hired William K. Gullberg in 2012.
From harley9988:
I have been most impressed by Bill's attention to detail and his promptness in returning phone calls. His guidance and counsel helped save me and my job from a horrible mistake in life. His compassion and dedication to helping me through a very difficult and trying time of life was truly amazing.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
harley9988 hired William K. Gullberg in 2012.
From Smillard:
Mr. Gullberg did a really great job for us. If we never need an attorney again he would b the only one I would use! Thank you Bill
Smillard hired William K. Gullberg in 2012.
From NicholasH:
I recently got a DUI, not fun, and just happened upon Bill's name searching on the internet, and boy am i glad i did. He helped me through the process and really got me a great deal, kept me out of trouble, and explained everything i needed to know through the process, and tips for the future. Which hopefully never happens again. I would not hessitate to call him and use his knowledge and services again and highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation as me. Thank you again Bill! Nick
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
NicholasH hired William K. Gullberg in 2012.
From Mscollum:
Mr. Gullberg was able to get better results than I was originally expecting. He received the results in a short amount of time. He was professional and reasonable. I did not understand most of the charges and what I needed to do and he took the time to explain it to me in my language. I hope to never need his services again, but if I do I will not hesitate to call him. Thank you, Bill!
Legal Issue: Criminal Law
Mscollum hired William K. Gullberg in 2012.
From mow2much:
Mr. Gullberg did an outstanding job for me. My first offer was a 2500 fine with 10 days in jail and losing my license for a year. In the end I plead guilty to a reckless driving ticket with a 1000 fine and not losing my license I would definatlely recomend him to anyone. I would definately use him again if I ever need to which I hope to never need again.
Legal Issue: Other
mow2much hired William K. Gullberg in 2011.
From BCovert:
I am an attorney working in the suburbs of Chicago. Recently, one of my close friends was wrongfully charged with DUI in Macomb. Since I do not focus in the area of DUI, and because Macomb is quite a trip for me, I had to find a good attorney in the area to handle his case. I found Bill's website, and I'm glad I did. Bill used his experience and knowledge of the system to exonerate my friend, taking his DUI charge all the way down to a traffic ticket for a busted plate light. If you are looking for a zealous advocate for your DUI case, I doubt you will find anyone better in McDonough County than Bill Gullberg.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
BCovert hired William K. Gullberg in 2011.
From dsdecker0527:
First of all, his communcation was excellent. He kept me informed every step of the way. I live in another state and not having meet him personally, he made me feel very comfortable in having him represent my case. He is very knowledgeable of the law and does great research to have everything covered. He was able to get my charges reduced to almost nothing. The affect of having the charges brought against me would have been devestating to me both employment wise and personally and he took that on with great perservance. I hope I never need a lawyer in Illinois again, but if I do I would use him to represent me.
Legal Issue: Other
dsdecker0527 hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From palmer4279:
Very efficient, extremely favorable results
Legal Issue: Traffic Violations
palmer4279 hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From LIT123:
Knows how to get the job done. A truly sincere down to earth representative.
Legal Issue: DUI/DWI
LIT123 hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From WStortzum:
I have recently been employed by a community bank group in West Cenral Illinois to address serious loan delinquencies. Over the past several months, Bill and his firm has been a great value to me in my task. His conscientious effort and cooperation in delivering timely information has been appreciated. His knowledge of contract and corporate law has allowed us to minimalize the potential damages and avoid long and protracted litigation. I would highly recommend Gullbert and Box Attorney's at Law.
Legal Issue: Banking & Finance Law
WStortzum hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From steve190:
What's important to you ? For me it was its everything , he calls you back , fights for you ! and gets you results .
Legal Issue: Workers' Compensation Law
steve190 hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From jrg4564:
I would certainly recommend Mr. William K. Gullberg, he has taken care of my legal matters in a professional, thorough and pleasant manner.
Legal Issue: Trusts
jrg4564 hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From Apleasedclient:
I chose Bill after googling good criminal law attornies in Illinois (which directed me to, and boy am I glad I did! We only have great things to say about the representation Bill Gullberg provided. He was able to get the charges down to a minimum in comparison to what they were originally charged at. He is easy to reach and communicate with. He provided outstanding, expedited service (he seen us on a Saturday, the day after I called initially!). He answered our questions quickly (unlike many lawyers that you have to go through there secretary and wait days for them to call you back). He made us feel at ease. I would definitely consider using Bill again for law matters. I highly recommend him if you need a good criminal attorney! Thanks again Bill for the awesome work you did for my family member's case!
Legal Issue: Criminal Law
Apleasedclient hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From StronghurstGrain:
They have provided us with the imporatant information in a timely manner. They were able to find our company a sizable sum of money by looking through the details and giving us the advice we needed to take action. Recently we had them write up a "customer privacy policy" for us. The president of our board read throught it. Then he took off his reading glasses, looked at me and said "now that's professional work". They have also done some collections work for us with great success. They have provided our company with top notch information, guidance and advice. I have also used them for my personal needs reguarding the purchase of a home and getting a will done. It seems like they can handle anything that you send to them and get quality professional work.
StronghurstGrain hired William K. Gullberg in 2010.
From JimmyG1982:
Bill GullBerg has represented us in law suits of various kinds with excellent results. Recently,he collected a very large account receivable for our affiliate Chandler Logistics from a financially troubled customer,and it was only his quick and experienced action which got the job done.
JimmyG1982 hired William K. Gullberg in 2009.
From hintonba:
I would recommend Gullberg and Box to anyone that needs legal help.They were very helpful and they cared about helping me out. They were very knowledgeable and helped me to make sure i knew what needed to be done. They would even contact me when they had found something out that i needed to know.
Legal Issue: Other
hintonba hired William K. Gullberg in 2009.
From happy84:
Mr Gullberg represented my son on a complex DUI charge and I was satisfied with the outcome. He and his associate are very professional, and knowlegable.
happy84 hired William K. Gullberg in 2005.
From kelly1955:
I would highly recommend William K Gullberg, Jr. to anyone needing legal assistance. I have used his services for more than 13 years.
Legal Issue: Wills
kelly1955 hired William K. Gullberg in 1998.
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