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Opened in 2003, the Beijing Office is the Firm's second office in Mainland China, and today numbers approximately 20 lawyers. Jones Day is one of few integrated international law firms with offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Many of our lawyers are PRC natives who bring invaluable local knowledge and understanding, as well as long-standing relationships with many key governmental bodies, to the service of our clients.

Jones Day recognizes the increasing sophistication of deals being carried out in China, and our Beijing lawyers are experienced in advising foreign investors in the areas of dispute resolution, antitrust, and WTO issues; energy and projects; intellectual property; tax; venture capital and other corporate and finance matters, as well as traditional foreign direct investment work. Jones Day also represents Chinese corporations and institutions with respect to their investments and activities in the United States, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific.

Jones Day Beijing is fully integrated into the Firm's global network of more than 2,400 lawyers and affords our clients seamless access to substantial legal resources wherever needed, whether in China or around the world.

While committed to serving our clients, we are just as committed to the city of Beijing. Our International Legal Fellowship program awards grants to students in Beijing universities to encourage the study of law in China. Our lawyers have taught classes in Peking University, Renmin University, and the University of International Business and Economics. In May 2012, the Jones Day Foundation established the Peking University - Jones Day Chair Professorship for Globalization and Rule of Law to support the university's efforts in recruiting and retaining world-leading academicians. In addition, our lawyers provide counseling for multiple non-profit organizations including Half the Sky Foundation, the Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims, the 1990 Institute, and the Shaanxi Women's Federation.

In addition, Jones Day Intellectual Property Agency (Beijing) Co., licensed to handle a wide range of copyright, trademark, and other non-patent intellectual property matters in China.

Areas of Practice:
Africa Practice
Antitrust & Competition Law
Antitrust & Intellectual Property
Antitrust Civil Investigations & Litigation
Antitrust Criminal Investigations
Antitrust in Asia
Antitrust Mergers & Joint Ventures
Banking & Finance
Business and Tort Litigation (USA)
Business Restructuring & Reorganization
Capital Markets
Corporate Compliance Programs
Corporate Criminal Investigations
Cross-Border Litigation
Domestic Litigation in Courts Around The World
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
Energy Projects
Energy Transactions
Environmental, Health & Safety
Financial Institutions Litigation & Regulation
Financial Services
Fund Structuring & Fund Services
Global Disputes
Government Regulation
Health Care
Insurance Recovery
Intellectual Property
International Claims in Domestic Courts
International Commercial Arbitration
International Investigations
International Taxation
Investor-State & Treaty-Based Arbitration
IP in Asia
Issues & Appeals
ITC Section 337
Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
Judicial Support of International Proceedings
Labor & Employment
Licensing & Technology Transactions
Life Sciences
M&A Transactions
Medical Devices
Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions Taxation
Patent Litigation
Patent Prosecution & IP Counseling
Private Equity
Private Equity / Real Estate Taxation
Public International Law
Real Estate
Real Estate Capital Markets
Trademarks, Unfair Competition & Copyrights
Venture Capital & Private Investment
Projects & Infrastructure
Securities Litigation & SEC Enforcement
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Asian Dispute Resolution, 2010

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