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In the appellate courts
We have handled cases in the United States Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit, every appellate court in California, and the Supreme Courts of Alaska and Nevada. We have been counsel of record in over 400 published decisions and in many more hundreds of unpublished decisions, and we have represented amici curiae in many additional matters.

In addition to appeals, we have prepared and responded to countless petitions for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court, petitions for review to the California Supreme Court, and petitions for extraordinary writ relief to intermediate appellate courts. We also frequently submit amicus curiae letters to the California Supreme Court urging it to take some action, such as granting review in cases presenting issues of statewide importance or "depublishing" intermediate appellate decisions that muddle the law.

In the trial courts
Although our practice is concentrated in the appellate courts, we serve our clients in the trial arena as well. Planning for an appeal often begins as early as drafting the complaint or answer, and sometimes even before that. Our clients frequently call upon us to assist their trial counsel in specific areas, including the initial formulation of a case, briefing and arguing dispositive motions, developing legal theories and trial strategy, preparing trial briefs and jury instructions, and briefing and arguing post-trial motions in anticipation of an appeal.

In short, we are lawyers who specialize primarily in written advocacy. What we do not do are the things trial lawyers do best – develop evidence through discovery and present and cross-examine witnesses.

As counsellors
Another substantial portion of our practice involves consultation with clients regarding complex legal issues, including issues involving insurance coverage and duties to insureds. Institutional clients frequently ask us to conduct legal research, formulate arguments, draft opinion letters, and prepare sample briefs on important issues for use by the client's trial counsel, enabling the client to obtain a consistent, focused and effective argument without unnecessary duplication of effort. When clients appear headed towards litigation, we are sometimes asked to draft crucial correspondence that may later become evidence in the litigation. On other occasions we have been called upon to formulate arguments in connection with settlement negotiations.

A particular benefit to our institutional clients is the quality and consistency they achieve by having a single firm provide appellate work and consultation on issues that surface repeatedly in their businesses.

Scope of issues
We do not limit ourselves to any particular substantive areas of the law. We have represented clients – both plaintiffs and defendants – in such diverse areas as constitutional law, civil rights, governmental torts and immunities, personal injury torts, insurance coverage and bad faith, complex business disputes, business torts, copyright, unfair competition, antitrust, RICO, securities, entertainment and environmental law, employment discrimination and wrongful termination, maritime law, family law, bankruptcy and probate.

Our diverse clients include banks, national manufacturers, major liability, casualty and title insurance companies, state and local governments, hospitals, state universities, entertainment industry companies and talent and trial lawyers.

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We strive to provide the highest quality of legal services through painstaking research, critical analysis and interchange of ideas among our lawyers. We believe that, despite the talent of our associates, every case requires the intense and continuous involvement of a partner.

Areas of Practice:
Administrative Law
Anti-SLAPP Law
Arbitration and Settlement Enforcement
Business Litigation
Constitutional Law
Employment and Agency Law
Entertainment Law
Family Law
Government Tort Liability
Healthcare Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property
Legal Malfeasance
Probate and Trusts
Punitive Damages
Real Property
Tort Litigation
United States Supreme Court
Published Works:
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Representative Cases:
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP v. J-M Manufacturing Co., Inc., 244 Cal.App.4th 590 (California Court of Appeal 2016)
Garcia v. Holt , 242 Cal.App.4th 600 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
Sheridan v. Touchstone Television Productions, Inc., 241 Cal.App.4th 508 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
21st Century Ins. Co. v. Superior Court , 240 Cal. App. 4th 322 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
The Regents of the University of California v. Superior Court, 240 Cal. App. 4th 1296 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
Wilson, Simona v. Southern California Edison Company, 234 Cal.App.4th 123 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
County of Los Angeles v. Superior Court (ACLU) , 235 Cal.App.4th 1154 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
Novak v. Fay, 236 Cal.App.4th 329 (California Court of Appeal 2015)
In re Estate of Duke , 61 Cal.4th 871 (California Supreme Court 2015)
Sanchez v. Valencia Holding Co., LLC , 61 Cal.4th 899 (California Supreme Court 2015)
Bing Crosby v. HLC Properties, Ltd., 223 Cal.App.4th 597 (California Court of Appeal 2014)
Los Angeles County Flood Control District v. Natural Resources Defense Council, 184 L.Ed.2d 547 (United States Supreme Court 2013)
Brown et al. v. Mid-Century Insurance Company , 215 Cal.App.4th 841 (California Court of Appeal 2013)
Stoltenberg v. Ampton Investments, 215 Cal.App.4th 161 (California Court of Appeal 2013)
Today’s Fresh Start v. Los Angeles County Office of Education, 57 Cal.4th 197 (California Supreme Court 2013)
Adamo v. Fire Insurance Exchange , 219 Cal.App.4th 1286 (California Court of Appeal 2013)
Farmers Insurance Exchange v. Superior Court (Bautista) , 220 Cal.App.4th 1199 (California Court of Appeal 2013)
Stanton v. Sims , 187 L.Ed.2d 341 (United States Supreme Court 2013)
Messerschmidt v. Millender , 182 L.Ed.2d 47 (United States Supreme Court 2012)
Ginsberg v. Gamson , 205 Cal.App.4th 873 (California Court of Appeal 2012)
Aguilar v. Goldstein , 207 Cal.App.4th 1152 (California Court of Appeal 2012)
Celador International, Inc. v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., et al. , 499 Fed.Appx. 721 (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 2012)
Cardio Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. v. Farmers Group, Inc. et al., 212 Cal.App.4th 69 (California Court of Appeal 2012)
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County of Riverside v. McLaughlin, 500 U.S. 44, 111 S. Ct. 1661, 114 L. Ed. 2d 49 (United States Supreme Court 1991)
Representative Clients:
Counties of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura
Counties of Riverside, Kern, San Bernardino
Cities of Los Angeles, Riverside, Beverly Hills, Oceanside
Cities of El Monte, Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Westminster
Great American Specialty Underwriters
Farmers Insurance Exchange
Farmers Group, Inc.
Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London
Beta Healthcare
Inland Empire Health Plan
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.
Anna Nicole Smith
National Football League
Southern California Edison
Sempra Energy
Loma Linda University Medical Center;
Hilton Hotels
St. Paul Insurance Company
Fremont General Insurance Company
Warner Bros
City National Bank
The Los Angeles Times
Regents of the University of California
PacifiCare Health Systems, Inc
Sutter Health
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
Old Republic Title Insurance Company
California Land Title Association
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Smiths Aerospace
Con Agra Foods
Honors and Awards:
Anti-Defamation League Jurisprudence Award - Pro Bono Legal Services (Soldinger v. Northwest Airlines), 2000

Coates, Timothy T., Partner
Diamond, Alan, Associate
Eisenman, Jonathan H., Associate
Greenberger, Feris M., Partner
Greines, Irving H., Retired
Hackett, David E., Associate
Meadow, Robin, Partner
Oill, Carolyn, Associate
Olson, Robert A., Partner
Poster, Marc J., Partner
Raskin, Jeffrey E., Associate
Richland, Kent L., Founding Partner
Rotter, Alana H., Partner
Stein, Martin, Founding Partner
Tobisman, Cynthia E., Partner
Turner, Alison M., Partner
Wax, Gary J., Associate
Xanders, Edward L., Partner
Other Offices:
One Embarcadero Center, Suite 500, San Francisco, California 94111
(415) 315-1774
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Administrative, Constitutional, Employment Law -- Employer, Family Law, Health Care, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Litigation & Appeals, Real Estate, Trusts
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