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State of Illinois Circuit Court, Cook County Judicial Circuit

50 W. WashingtonSuite 1001Chicago, IL 60602-1305
Phones: (312) 603-5030
Fax: (312) 603-4557
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Adams-Brosnahan, Hon. Janet (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Agran, Hon. Martin Steven (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Aguilar, Hon. Carmen Kathleen (Associate Judge) Ahern, Hon. Gregory Emmett Jr. (Circuit Court Judge) Allen, Hon. Thomas Robert III (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Araujo, Hon. Mauricio Boris Andres (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Arce, Hon. Edward A. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Atkins, Hon. David B. (Associate Judge) Axelrood, Hon. Larry Glenn (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Baird, Hon. Callie Lynn (Associate Judge) Balanoff, Hon. Robert (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Ball-Reed, Hon. Patrice Munzel (Associate Judge) Ballard, Hon. Mark J. (Associate Judge) Banks, Hon. Patricia (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Bartkowicz, Hon. Ronald Frank (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Bellows, Hon. Carole Kamin (Circuit Court Judge) Berger, Hon. Helaine Leslie (Associate Judge) Berman, Hon. Andrew H. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Bernstein, Hon. Steven James (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Bertucci Smith, Hon. Laura (Associate Judge) Bertucci, Hon. Robert W. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Betar, Hon. Samuel Joseph III (Associate Judge) Biebel, Hon. Paul P. Jr. (Circuit Court Judge) Bourgeois, Hon. Adam Donald Jr. (Associate Judge) Bourgeois, Hon. Yolande Marie (Associate Judge) Bowden, Hon. Darron Edward (Associate Judge) Boyd, Hon. Carl B. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Boyd, Hon. William Stewart (Associate Judge) Brennan, Hon. Daniel Patrick (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Brennan, Hon. Margaret Ann (Circuit Court Judge) Brewer, Hon. Eileen Mary (Circuit Court Judge) Brewer, Hon. Tommy Hoskin Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Brim, Hon. Cynthia Yvonne (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Brooks, Hon. Rodney Hughes (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Brosnahan, Hon. Mary Margaret (Circuit Court Judge) Brown, Hon. James R. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Brownfield, Hon. Gary L. (Associate Judge) Budzinski, Hon. Elizabeth M. (Associate Judge) Buford, Hon. Andrea Michele (Circuit Court Judge) Burch, Hon. Clarence Lewis (Associate Judge) Burke, Hon. Eileen O'Neill (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Burke, Hon. Kathleen Marie (Circuit Court Judge) Burns, Hon. Charles Patrick (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Burrell, Hon. Anthony Lynn (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Byrne, Hon. Thomas John (Circuit Court Judge) Calabrese, Hon. Anthony John (Associate Judge) Callahan, Hon. John Patrick Jr. (Circuit Court Judge) Carr, Hon. John Thomas (Associate Judge) Carroll, Hon. Thomas Joseph (Circuit Court Judge) Cataldo, Hon. Joseph Michael (Associate Judge) Cesario, Hon. Cheryl D. (Associate Judge) Chambers, Hon. Timothy J. (Associate Judge) Chevere, Hon. Gloria (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Chiampas, Hon. Peggy (Associate Judge) Clancy, Hon. Michael R. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Claps, Hon. Joseph Michael (Associate Judge) Clay, Hon. Evelyn B. (Circuit Court Judge) Clay-Herron, Hon. LaGuina (Associate Judge) Cleveland Bernstein, Hon. Jeanne R. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Clifford, Hon. Robert Jeffery (Associate Judge) Cobbs, Hon. Cynthia Yvonne (Circuit Court Judge) Cocozza, Hon. Jean Margaret (Circuit Court Judge) Coghlan, Hon. Mary Ellen (Circuit Court Judge) Coghlan, Hon. Matthew Edward (Circuit Court Judge) Cohen, Hon. Neil H. (Associate Judge) Coleman, Hon. Bonita (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Coleman, Hon. Susan Marie (Associate Judge) Collins, Hon. Ann Finley (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Collins-Dole, Hon. Ann Elizabeth (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Condon, Hon. Thomas J. (Associate Judge) Connolly, Hon. Stephen James (Associate Judge) Cooper, Hon. Donna Lynn (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Crane, Hon. Clayton Joseph Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Curcio, Hon. Lisa R. (Associate Judge) Daleo, Hon. Paula Marie (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Daly, Hon. Noreen Marie (Associate Judge) Davy, Hon. Thomas Michael (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Degnan, Hon. Daniel R. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Delehanty, Hon. Maureen Leahy (Resident Judge) Demacopoulos, Hon. Anna Helen (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Desierto, Hon. Israel Abaya (Associate Judge) Dickler, Hon. Grace Guerra (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Donnelly, Hon. Thomas More (Associate Judge) Dooling, Hon. Deborah Mary (Circuit Court Judge) Dunford, Hon. Laurence James (Circuit Court Judge) Eadie-Daniels, Hon. Loretta I. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Edidin, Hon. Lauren Gottainer (Associate Judge) Egan, Hon. Lynn Marie (Circuit Court Judge) Ehrlich, Hon. John H. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Elrod, Hon. Richard Jay (Circuit Court Judge) Embil, Hon. Diana Lenore (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Esrig, Hon. Jerry A. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Evans, Hon. Timothy Charles (Chief Judge) Fabri, Hon. Candace Jean (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Fecarotta, Hon. Thomas P. Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Feerick, Hon. Maureen Patricia (Associate Judge) Fein, Hon. Roger G. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Felice, Hon. Peter A. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Fernandez, Hon. Fe (Associate Judge) Filan, Hon. Denise Kathleen (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Flaherty, Hon. Brian Kevin (Associate Judge) Flanagan, Hon. Kathy Marie (Circuit Court Judge) Flanagan, Hon. Thomas Edward (Circuit Court Judge) Flannery, Hon. James Patrick Jr. (Circuit Court Judge) Flannigan, Hon. Ellen Louise (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Fleming, Hon. John Joseph (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Flood, Hon. Lawrence Edward (Associate Judge) Flynn, Hon. Peter Anthony (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Ford, Hon. Nicholas R. (Circuit Court Judge) Fox-Gillis, Hon. Susan (Associate Judge) Frossard, Hon. Margaret O'Mara (Circuit Court Judge) Funderburk, Hon. Raymond (Circuit Court Judge) Gainer, Hon. Thomas Vincent Jr. (Associate Judge) Gallagher, Hon. Daniel James (Circuit Court Judge) Gallagher, Hon. John Terrence (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Gamboney, Hon. William G. Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Gamrath, Hon. Celia Guzaldo (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Garcia, Hon. Rodolfo (Circuit Court Judge) Gaughan, Hon. Vincent Michael (Circuit Court Judge) Gavin, Hon. James J. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Geanopoulos, Hon. Nicholas (Associate Judge) Gillespie, Hon. Daniel T. (Associate Judge) Gillespie, Hon. Pamela Hughes (Associate Judge) Ginex, Hon. Gregory Robert (Associate Judge) Goebel, Hon. Steven J. (Associate Judge) Goldfarb, Hon. Renee Golbus (Associate Judge) Gomolinski, Hon. William Edward (Associate Judge) Gonzalez-Santiago, Hon. Leida J. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Gordon-Cannon, Hon. Diane (Circuit Court Judge) Greenblatt, Hon. Joel Leslie (Associate Judge) Griffin, Hon. John Charles (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Griffin, Hon. Maxwell Jr. (Associate Judge) Gubin, Hon. Deborah Jean (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Haberkorn, Hon. Catherine Marie (Circuit Court Judge) Hall, Hon. Sophia Harriet (Resident Judge) Hambright, Hon. Orville Eugene Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Hanlon, Hon. Kay Marie Ceresa (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Haracz, Hon. David Edward (Associate Judge) Hardy-Campbell, Hon. La Quietta Joy (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Harmening, Hon. Edward Smyth (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Hartigan, Hon. Russell William (Circuit Court Judge) Havis, Hon. Donald Ray (Associate Judge) Hayes, Hon. Elizabeth Mary (Circuit Court Judge) Hennelly, Hon. Thomas Joseph (Associate Judge) Higgins Wolfson, Hon. Lauretta Jean (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Higgins, Hon. Rosemary Grant (Associate Judge) Hill, Hon. Arthur F. Jr. (Associate Judge) Hill, Hon. Stanley Louis (Associate Judge) Hoffenberg, Hon. Earl Burton (Associate Judge) Hoffman, Hon. Margarita Kulys (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Hogan, Hon. Thomas Lee (Circuit Court Judge) Hooks, Hon. William H. (Circuit Court Judge) Hopkins, Hon. Vanessa A. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Howard, Hon. Carol Marie (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Howard, Hon. Garritt E. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Howlett, Hon. Michael J. Jr. (Circuit Court Judge) Hubbard, Hon. Arnette Rhinehart (Circuit Court Judge) Huff, Hon. John Leonard (Associate Judge) Hughes, Hon. Bridget Jane (Associate Judge) Hyland, Hon. Colleen Ann (Associate Judge) Hynes, Hon. John Joseph (Associate Judge) Ingram, Hon. Cheyrl Delores (Circuit Court Judge) Jackson, Hon. Marianne (Associate Judge) Jackson, Hon. William Richard Jr. (Associate Judge) Jacobius, Hon. Moshe (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Jagielski, Hon. Raymond Leonard (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Jean-Baptiste, Hon. Lionel (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Johnson, Hon. Lana Charisse (Associate Judge) Johnson, Hon. Marilyn Florence (Circuit Court Judge) Johnson, Hon. Moira Susan (Associate Judge) Johnson, Hon. Sharon Oden (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Jones, Hon. Linzey D. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Jones, Hon. Rickey (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Jones, Hon. Sidney Arlington III (Resident Judge) Jordan, Hon. Michelle Denise (Circuit Court Judge) Joyce, Hon. Timothy Joseph (Associate Judge) Kane, Hon. Michael Joseph (Associate Judge) Kaplan, Hon. James Lewis (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Karahalios, Hon. James N. (Associate Judge) Karkula, Hon. Paul August (Circuit Court Judge) Karnezis, Hon. Themis Nicholas (Circuit Judge) Katz, Hon. Nancy J. (Associate Judge) Katz, Hon. Stuart Paul (Associate Judge) Kazmierski, Hon. Joseph George Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Kelley, Hon. Martin C. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Kelley, Hon. Thomas Joseph (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Kennedy, Hon. Kathleen G. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Kennedy, Hon. Kerry Michael (Circuit Court Judge) Kenworthy, Hon. Diana L. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Kipperman, Hon. Carol Suzanne Agin (Associate Judge) Kirby, Hon. John P. (Circuit Court Judge) Kogan, Hon. Randye A. (Associate Judge) Kottaras, Hon. Demetrios George (Associate Judge) Kubasiak, Hon. Daniel Joseph (Circuit Court Judge) Kull, Hon. Geary W. (Circuit Court Judge) Kunkle, Hon. William Joseph Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Kuriakos Ciesil, Hon. Maria (Associate Judge) Kyriakopoulos, Hon. Anthony Christ (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lacy, Hon. William Gerard (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Larsen, Hon. Diane Joan (Circuit Court Judge) Lawler, Hon. Christopher Edward (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lawrence, Hon. Jeffrey (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Laws, Hon. Marjorie Cunningham (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Leeming, Hon. Pamela Mariam (Circuit Court Judge) Levinson, Hon. Alfred Lee (Associate Judge) Lewis, Hon. Casandra (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lewis, Hon. Kimberly Dionne (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Linehan, Hon. Neil Joseph (Associate Judge) Linn, Hon. James B. (Associate Judge) Lipscomb, Hon. Thomas Joseph (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Liu, Hon. Laura Cha-Yu (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Logue, Hon. Patricia Marian (Associate Judge) Lopez Cepero, Hon. Robert Vincent (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lopez, Hon. Mark Joseph (Associate Judge) Loredo-Rivera, Hon. Elizabeth (Associate Judge) Love, Hon. Noreen Valeria (Circuit Court Judge) Loza, Hon. Pamela E. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lubin, Hon. Stuart Fredric (Circuit Court Judge) Luckman, Hon. Marvin Phillip (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lustig, Hon. Patrick Foran (Associate Judge) Lyle, Hon. Freddrenna Margaret (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Lynch, Hon. Daniel Joseph (Circuit Court Judge) Lyons, Hon. Thomas Vincent II (Circuit Court Judge) MacCarthy, Hon. Aicha Marie Johnson (Residential Subcircuit Judge) MacCarthy, Hon. Terence Fulton (Circuit Court Judge) Machnik, Hon. Thaddeus Stephan (Associate Judge) Maki, Hon. William Oscar (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Malone, Hon. Daniel Brien (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Maloney, Hon. Edward Michael (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Mandeltort, Hon. Ellen Beth (Associate Judge) Maras, Hon. Marcia (Circuit Court Judge) Marino, Hon. Lisa Ann (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Marisie, Hon. Jillian Cerone (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Marsalek, Hon. Diann Karen (Circuit Court Judge) Martin, Hon. LeRoy Kendall Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Martin, Hon. Patricia Manila (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Mathein, Hon. Veronica Beutler (Residential Subcircuit Judge) McCarthy, Hon. James Patrick (Circuit Court Judge) McGing, Hon. James Michael (Residential Subcircuit Judge) McGinnis, Hon. Sheila M. (Circuit Court Judge) McGrath, Hon. Brigid Mary (Associate Judge) McGuire, Hon. Dennis Michael (Residential Subcircuit Judge) McGury, Hon. Kathleen Marie (Circuit Court Judge) McHale, Hon. Michael Brent (Circuit Court Judge) McWilliams, Hon. Clare Elizabeth (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Mendoza, Hon. Patricia (Associate Judge) Meyerson, Hon. Pamela McLean (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Mikva, Hon. Mary Lane (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Minella, Hon. Mary Regina (Associate Judge) Miranda, Hon. Daniel Richard (Associate Judge) Mitchell, Hon. Raymond William (Circuit Court Judge) Moltz, Hon. Martin Paul (Associate Judge) Moreland, Hon. Caroline Kate (Circuit Court Judge) Mullen, Hon. Michael T. (Circuit Court Judge) Mulroy, Hon. Thomas R. Jr. (Associate Judge) Murphy Gorman, Hon. Joyce Marie (Circuit Court Judge) Murphy, Hon. Allen Francis (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Murphy, Hon. James Patrick (Circuit Court Judge) Murphy, Hon. Patrick Thomas (Circuit Court Judge) Murphy, Hon. Thomas William (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Murphy, Hon. Timothy Patrick (Circuit Court Judge) Murray, Hon. Leonard (Associate Judge) Myles, Hon. Raymond (Associate Judge) Nega, Hon. Marya (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Nixon, Hon. Lewis Michael (Circuit Court Judge) Novak, Hon. Rita Mary (Associate Judge) O'Brien, Hon. Gregory Michael (Associate Judge) O'Brien, Hon. Jessica Arong (Circuit Court Judge) O'Brien, Hon. Joan Margaret (Circuit Court Judge) O'Brien, Hon. Patrick W. (Circuit Court Judge) O'Brien, Hon. William Timothy (Residential Subcircuit Judge) O'Donnell, Hon. Ann L. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) O'Hara, Hon. James N. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) O'Hara, Hon. Thomas James (Associate Judge) O'Malley, Hon. Karen Lynn (Circuit Court Judge) Obbish, Hon. James Michael (Associate Judge) Ocasio, Hon. Ramon III (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Orr, Hon. Marcia Beth (Associate Judge) Otto, Hon. Michael F. (Circuit Court Judge) Panarese, Hon. Donald D. Jr. (Associate Judge) Panarese, Hon. Joseph D. (Associate Judge) Panici, Hon. Luciano (Associate Judge) Panozzo, Hon. Kathleen Ann (Associate Judge) Panter, Hon. Michael Richard (Associate Judge) Pantle, Hon. Kathleen Mary (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Patti, Hon. Sebastian Thomas (Circuit Court Judge) Paul, Hon. Alfred Joseph (Associate Judge) Pavlus, Hon. Paul Steven (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Peters, Hon. Daniel Lawrence (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Pethers, Hon. Sheryl Anne (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Petrone, Hon. Angela Munari (Associate Judge) Ponce de Leon, Hon. Edmund (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Porter, Hon. Dennis John (Associate Judge) Portman, Hon. Jackie Marie (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Powell, Hon. Joan Elizabeth (Circuit Court Judge) Propes, Hon. Lorna Ellen (Circuit Court Judge) Quinn, Hon. Carolyn Gerard (Associate Judge) Quinn, Hon. Marguerite Anne (Associate Judge) Quinn, Hon. Robert James (Resident Judge) Ramirez, Hon. Cynthia (Circuit Court Judge) Ramos, Hon. Sandra Gisela (Circuit Court Judge) Reddick, Hon. Erica Lorraine (Circuit Court Judge) Reynolds, Hon. Jeanne Marie (Associate Judge) Rhodes, Hon. James L. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Riebman, Hon. Hyman I. (Associate Judge) Riley, Hon. Barbara Ann (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Riley, Hon. James Gerard (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Rivkin-Carothers, Hon. Anita (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Roberts, Hon. Mary Colleen (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Rogers, Hon. Patrick Toal (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Rooney, Hon. Jean Prendergast (Circuit Court Judge) Ross, Hon. Dominique Maria Collins (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Roti, Hon. Thomas David (Circuit Court Judge) Ruble-Murphy, Hon. Lisa (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Ryan, Hon. James J. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Ryan, Hon. Kristyna Colleen (Circuit Court Judge) Sacks, Hon. Stanley Joel (Associate Judge) Santiago, Hon. Beatriz (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Sarley, Hon. Bernard J. (Associate Judge) Savage, Hon. Drella Celestena (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Scannicchio, Hon. Regina Ann (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Schleifer, Hon. Andrea M. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Schuster, Hon. Naomi Hornick (Associate Judge) Schwind, Hon. Richard Denis (Associate Judge) Sconza, Hon. Joseph M. (Associate Judge) Scully, Hon. George Francis Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Senechalle, Hon. Robert E. Jr. (Associate Judge) Sharkey, Hon. Terrence Vincent (Associate Judge) Sheehan, Hon. Colleen Frances (Circuit Court Judge) Sheehan, Hon. Kevin Michael (Circuit Court Judge) Shelley, Hon. Diane M. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Sherlock, Hon. Patrick J. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Simko, Hon. Darryl Belmonte (Associate Judge) Simmons, Hon. Michele McDowell (Associate Judge) Simpson, Hon. Douglas Jon (Associate Judge) Skryd, Hon. David A. (Associate Judge) Slattery-Boyle, Hon. Maura (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Snyder, Hon. James E. (Associate Judge) Solganick, Hon. Irwin J. (Resident Judge) Stephenson, Hon. Domenica Martino (Associate Judge) Stevens, Hon. Richard Anthony (Associate Judge) Stuart, Hon. Jane Louise (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Suffield Sullivan, Hon. Laura M. (Circuit Court Judge) Sullivan, Hon. James Edward (Circuit Court Judge) Sullivan, Hon. Sharon Marie (Circuit Court Judge) Sullivan, Hon. Susan Kennedy (Circuit Court Judge) Suriano, Hon. Donald Joseph (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Sutker-Dermer, Hon. Shelley (Circuit Court Judge) Swanson, Hon. Alfred Melvin Jr. (Circuit Court Judge) Tailor, Hon. Sanjay Thakor (Associate Judge) Thomas, Hon. Sybil C. (Associate Judge) Tolmaire, Hon. Elmer James III (Associate Judge) Toomin, Hon. Michael Philip (Resident Judge) Tourtelot, Hon. John D. (Associate Judge) Trew, Hon. Mary S. (Associate Judge) Tristano, Hon. Sandra (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Tucker, Hon. Thomas Michael (Associate Judge) Turner, Hon. John D. Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Turner, Hon. Valarie English (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Valderrama, Hon. Franklin Ulyses (Associate Judge) Van Tine, Hon. Rena Marie (Associate Judge) Varga, Hon. James Michael (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Vazquez, Hon. Gregory Paul (Associate Judge) Vega, Hon. Raul (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Vilkelis, Hon. Peter John (Circuit Court Judge) Wadas, Hon. Kenneth J. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Wagner, Hon. Steven Mark (Associate Judge) Walker, Hon. Allen Price (Associate Judge) Walker, Hon. Carl Anthony (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Walker, Hon. Debra Bess (Circuit Court Judge) Walowski, Hon. Ursula H. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Walsh, Hon. Neera Lall (Associate Judge) Walsh, Hon. Richard F. (Circuit Court Judge) Ward Kirby, Hon. Maureen (Circuit Court Judge) Warnick, Hon. Jeffrey L. (Associate Judge) Washington, Hon. Edward II (Residential Subcircuit Judge) White, Hon. Alexander P. Jr. (Resident Judge) Williams-Hayes, Hon. Shelli D. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Willis, Hon. Camille Elaine (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Wilson, Hon. Thaddeus Leonard (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Wojkowski, Hon. Gregory J. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Wolfson, Hon. Lori Michele (Associate Judge) Wool, Hon. Leon (Associate Judge) Wright, Hon. E. Kenneth Jr. (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Zafiratos, Hon. James Albert (Associate Judge) Zelezinski, Hon. Frank George (Residential Subcircuit Judge) Zwick, Hon. Susan Frances (Residential Subcircuit Judge)
Office Information
50 W. WashingtonSuite 1001Chicago, IL 60602-1305
(312) 603-5030
(312) 603-4557
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