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State of Illinois, Office of the Attorney General

100 West Randolph StreetChicago, IL 60601
Phones: (312) 814-3000
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Abundis, Cecilia T. (Supervising Attorney) Ahlstrand, Deborah L. (Division Chief) Ahmed, Shuaib Abdul (Assistant Attorney General I) Alikhan, Saira J. (Assistant Attorney General I) Allen-Slagel, Deborah Joyce (Unit Supervisor) Armstrong, Andrew Barrett (Assistant Attorney General II) Arnold, Michael David (Assistant Attorney General I) Arnold, William Otis III (Attorney) Bankhead, Michael Joseph (Assistant Attorney General I) Barba, Robert Andrew (Unit Supervisor) Barov, Brian F. (Deputy Chief/Engineering for Planning) Bazer, Nicole Beth (Bureau Chief) Becker, Matthew Philip (Assistant Attorney General I) Bednarczyk, Krystyna (Assistant Attorney General I) Beltran, Deborah Morgan (Assistant Attorney General II) Bendik, Leah Myers (Supervisor) Bentley, Dalila P.A. (Assistant Attorney General I) Benton, Russell Kenneth (Assistant Attorney General III) Bereket-Ab, Zemeheret (Assistant Attorney General III) Bergetz, Carl Thomas (Bureau Chief) Berks, Paul Joseph (Complex Litigation Council) Berlow, Clifford Warren (Assistant Attorney General I) Bervid, Paul Anthony (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Bhave, Sunil S. (Assistant Attorney General) Bisher, Colleen (Assistant Attorney General I) Blankenheim, Michael Ryan (Assistant Attorney General I) Blomgren, Debra Smilie (Assistant Bureau Chief) Boester, Kevin Lee (Attorney) Boggs, Elizabeth Paige (Assistant Attorney General I) Brooker, Chadwick Oli (Assistant Attorney General II) Bucaro, Mary (Deputy Chief) Burlingham, Rebecca Ann (Supervising Attorney) Burzawa, Martin Walter (Assistant Attorney General II) Buysse, David Francis (Deputy Chief) Calloway, Shirley Ruth (Assistant Attorney General II) Carter, Edward C. III (Assistant Bureau Chief) Casey, Michele Ann (Assistant Attorney General) Cazeau, Rosemarie Evadne (Bureau Chief) Chandler, James J. (Assistant Attorney General II) Chervin, Joseph Bradley (Assistant Attorney General II) Chimera, Vincenzo (Bureau Chief) Clady, John Edwin II (Assistant Attorney General I) Conway, Sean Patrick (Assistant Attorney General I) Cook, Richard Gene Jr. (Attorney) Copeland, Charlene Carole (Assistant Attorney General II) Coveny, Michael Raymond (Assistant Attorney General) Crays, Kimberly Wilson (Attorney) Creel, Kristin M. (Supervising Attorney) Crystal, Frederick House Jr. (Assistant Bureau Chief) Cullen, Teresa Mooney (Attorney) Cunningham, Lorren Nichole (Assistant Attorney General I) Dale, Janice A. (Bureau Chief) Danial, Susan Mary (Assistant Attorney General II) Delano, Barbara Carroll (Assistant Attorney General I) DeMars, Dana Leigh (Assistant Attorney General I) Derhake, Katrina Wanzer (Assistant Attorney General II) Desire, Tchedly (Assistant Attorney General I) Dierkes, Michael Thomas (Assistant Attorney General II) Donaldson, Ryan Edward (Assistant Attorney General I) Doran, James Patrick (Assistant Attorney General III) Dougherty, Andrew Thomas (Assistant Attorney General II) Dryjanski, Andrew Laurence (Unit Supervisor) Dunn, Matthew Joseph (Division Chief) Eiseman, Sharon Lynne (Bureau Chief) Elitz, Carl J. (Assistant Attorney General III) Ellis, Susan Nystrom (Assistant Bureau Chief) Elward, William Xavier (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Fabiano, Janon Elise (Assistant Attorney General III) Fasano, Janet Marie (Assistant Attorney General II) Fearon, John Robert (Assistant Attorney General II) Fergus, Charles Gilbert (Senior Consumer Council) Finnegan, John M. (Assistant Attoney General III) Fischer, Garson Steven (Assistant Attorney General II) Flahaven, Kathleen Kreisel (Division Chief) Flahaven, Roger Philip Michael (Deputy Attorney General) Flores, John Angel (Bureau Chief) Forte, Ashley Hayes (Assistant Attorney General I) Gallagher, Sara Gadola (Deputy Public Access Counselor) Gansmann, Gregg Vincent (Assistant Attorney General II ) Gaynor, Paul Joseph (Division Chief) Gestaut, Alexis A. (Assistant Attorney General II) Gignac, James Phillip (Environment & Energy Counsel) Glick, Michael Marc (Division Chief ) Godbey, Charles Frede (Assistant Attorney General II) Goldberg, Barry Steven (Assistant Bureau Chief) Goldsmith, Peter David (Assistant Attorney General) Goodfriend, Neal Bruce (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Grant, Christopher Jerome (Assistant Attorney General II) Greenspan, Barbara Lynn (Attorney) Griffin, Gary Michael (Bureau Chief) Grzeskiewicz, Greg Ted (Senior Supervising Attorney) Gulkewicz, Corey-Anne (Bureau Chief) Hall, Katrice Monica (Assistant Attorney General I) Harris, Therese M. (Bureau Chief) Harrop, Blake Lee (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Harte, Gerre Anne (Assistant Attorney General I) Hartin, Laura Elizabeth (Assistant Attorney General I) Haslett, David Perry (Bureau Chief) Hayes, Polly A. (Assistant Attorney General II) Hood, Michael James (Deputy Attorney General) Hora, Cynthia Marie (Division Chief) Horton, Vanessa Cordonnier (Assistant Attorney General I) Hudspeth, Kevin M. (Assistant Attorney General I) Hughes, Charles Byron (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Hughes, Jan Elizabeth (Division Chief) Huiner, Robert Alan (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Huston, John E. (Attorney) Huszagh, Richard Scott (Assistant Attorney General III) Ioppolo, Thomas Anthony (Unit Supervisor) Ishu, Mark Henry (Assistant Attorney General I) Iskowich, David Harris (Supervising Attorney) James, Thomas Patrick (Consumer Council) Jang, Hellin (Assistant Attorney General I) Janicki, Megan Alexandra (Attorney) Jennings, Patrick James (Supervising Attorney) Johnson, Jason Matthew (Assistant Attorney General II) Jones, Joshua Michael (Assistant Attorney General I) Kaminski, Mark George (Assistant Unit Supervisor) Kan, Vincent Hoyin (Assistant Attorney General I) Karr, Gerald Thomas (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Kashyap, Gopi (Assistant Attorney General II) Keane, Alice Elizabeth (Unit Supervisor) Keenan, Patrick James (Bureau Chief) Kelly, Katherine Anne (Assistant Attorney General II) Kennedy, Colette Lynn (Assistant Attorney General, Environmental Crimes Bureau) Kezdy, John F. (Bureau Chief) Khera, Harpreet Kaur (Assistant Attorney General II) Kicklighter, Colin Arthur (Assistant Attorney General I) Kieffer, Jennifer Raye (Assistant Attorney General I) Kiehl, Monica Jean (Assistant Attorney General I) Kim, Christopher John (Assistant Attorney General I) Kimble, Amanda Jean (Assistant Attorney General I) Kirch, Andrea Lynn (Assistant Attorney General in the Environmental Crimes Bureau ) Koch, Peter Chadwell (Assistant Attorney General III) Kole, James David (Bureau Chief) Konieczny, Karen (Attorney) Ku, Joyce Chen Hsin (Assistant Attorney General II) LaBrec, Mary C. (Assistant Attorney General I) Lane, Robert Thomas (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Lang, James Allen (Assistant Attorney General II) LaVine, Lindsay Harvey (Attorney) Layfer, Barry Howard (Attorney) Legner, Brett Emerson (Supervising Attorney) Leinenweber, Justin L. (Assistant Attorney General I) Lepic, Frances Elizabeth (Assistant Attorney General II) Leslie, William David (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Levin, Eric Michael (Assistant Attorney General II) Levine, Samuel Aaron AbrahamLevitan, Judith Nisenbaum (Assistant Attorney General II) Licavoli, Matthew Herschel (Assistant Attorney General I) Lichtenfeld, Mark Allen (Attorney) Lovellette, Kevin R. (Unit Supervisor) Lusson, Karen Lynn (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Madigan, Lisa Murray (Attorney General) Mahoney, Christina M. (Assistant Attorney General II) Maine, Meghan O'Donnell (Assistant Attorney General III) Maki, Donna Jo (Assistant Attorney General II) Malamuth, Eldad Zvi (Assistant Attorney General II) Malowitz, Marni M. (Assistant Attorney General I) Manning, Jamie Tremell (Assistant Attorney General I) Marasco, Joelle Terese (Bureau Chief) Martin, Jillian Elayne (Assistant Attorney General I) Maskaleris, Ann Catherine (Assistant Attorney General II) McCracken, James Thomas (Assistant Attorney General III) McDermott, Margaret Ellen (Contract Attorney) McGinley, Evan James (Assistant Attorney General II) McGivern, Michael John (Senior Assistant Attorney General) McNair, Nicole S. (Assistant Attorney General I) McPike, Timothy Kevin (Assistant Attorney General III) Menzenberger, Margaret Mary (Assistant Attorney General II) Michalec, Scott L. (Attorney) Minami, Junko (Assistant Attorney General II) Mompoint, Muriel Lisa (Assistant Attorney General II) Moore, Brian Jude (Attorney) Moshman, Diane Kanikula (Assistant Attorney General II) Murphy, Rachel Anne Hoover (Assistant Attorney General II) Murray, Thomas Patrick (Assistant Attorney General I ) Nate, Steven Scott (Assistant Attorney General II) Navarro, David R. (Assistant Attorney General III) Nelson, Elizabeth Chase (Assistant Attorney General I) Nikolic, Daniel Peter Jr. (Unit Supervisor) Nolan, Kathleen Ann (Assistant Attorney General I) Notz, Jane Elinor (Attorney) Nowell, Richard K. (Attorney) O'Connell, Erin Maureen (Assistant Attorney General I) O'Leary, Jessica Lynn (Assistant Attorney General I) Osorio, Jessika Yvette (Assistant Attorney General I) Otte, Jill Kirsten (Assistant Attorney General III) Pamenter, Kathryn Anne (Assistant Attorney General II) Parker, Janice Marie (Assistant Attorney General III) Parker, Judith Marie (Assistant Attorney General II) Payne, Lindsay Beyer (Assistant Attorney General I) Paz, Vivian Esther Velasco (Assistant Attorney General I) Pedersen, Chloe Georgianna (Assistant Attorney General I) Perlow, Lloyd Joshua (Assistant Attorney General II) Perlstein, Robert Louis (Assistant Attorney General) Plazibat, Stephen Edward (Bureau Chief) Poag, Melissa Renee (Assistant Attorney General II) Pomper, Kate Elizabeth (Assistant Attorney General I) Potts, Diane Marie (Deputy Attorney General) Poulimas, Sarah Alipourian (Supervising Attorney) Pratt, Robert Windsor (Bureau Chief) Prezioso, Paul Charles (Assistant Attorney General I) Ptasznik, Agnes Anna (Assistant Attorney General I) Purcell, Jennifer Nicole (Assistant Attorney General) Purcell, Sharon Ann (Assistant Attorney General III) Racette, Paul Anthony (Supervising Attorney) Raghavan, Vijay Venkat (Assistant Attorney General I) Ramirez, Carlos (Bureau Chief) Rao, Malini (Assistant Attorney General I) Rao, Vaishali S. (Unit Supervisor) Reddivari, Dushyanth (Assistant Attorney General I) Reischl, Jonathan Hjalmer (Assistant Attorney General I) Rivers, Kristal Royce (Assistant Attorney General II) Rocks, Michael F. (Assistant Attorney General II) Rogina, Matthew Crowley (Assistant Public Access Counselor) Roland, Tyler Eason (Assistant Attorney General II) Ross, Edward L. (Assistant Attorney General I) Russell, Patrick Francis (Assistant Attorney General I) Rustik, James Andrew (Assistant Attorney General) Rzasa, Marilyn S. (Attorney) Saltoun, Diane Lynn (Executive Inspector General) Satter, Susan Lynn (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Saunders, Katherine Doersch (Chief Supervising Attorney) Schmidt, John Philip (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Schneider, Joshua Michael (Assistant Attorney General I) Schreiber, Karla A. (Assistant Attorney General II) Scodro, Michael Anthony (Solicitor General) Sebek, Matthew Michael (Assistant Public Access Counselor) Seyburn, Erica Rachel (Assistant Attorney General II) Shaker, Omar H. (Assistant Attorney General II) Shapiro, Matthew Daniel (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Sheaffer, Madelene Grace (Assistant Attorney General I) Shepherd, Thomas Hughlin II (Assistant Attorney General II) Siegel, Evan Gregg Safran (Assistant Attorney General II) Silbermann, Jonathan J. (Deputy Chief/ Engineering for Planning) Silverman, Steven John (Assistant Public Access Counselor) Simpson, David Andrew (Assistant Attorney General I) Sisul, James Jerome (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Sklamberg, Robert Joseph (Unit Supervisor) Slider, Kimberly R. (Director) Smith, Cara Lefevour (Deputy Chief of Staff) Smith, Frances J. (Assistant Attorney General II) Smith, Matthew Mel (Assistant Attorney General II) Smith, Sarah Angela (Assistant Attorney General I) Smuda, Joan Ellen (Assistant Attorney General II) Snow, Edward C. (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Snow, Renee Lee (Assistant Attorney General II) Sobenes, Sandy Jacqueline (Assistant Attorney General I) Sobitan, Adetola Yetunde (Assistant Public Access Counselor) Sokol, Adam J. (Assistant Attorney General III) Soltanzadeh, Stephen Matthew (Assistant Attorney General II) Sparano, Robert Drew (Assistant Attorney General III) Spillane, Ann M. (Chief of Staff) Stanmar, Erica Margaret (Assistant Attorney General I) Steimel, Danielle Jenkins (Attorney) Stevens, Gladys M. (Assistant Bureau Chief) Stevens, James C. Jr. (Attorney) Stotts, Retha Renee (Assistant Attorney General II) Stratton, Brent Douglas (Chief Deputy Attorney General) Stropus, Ruta K. (Director of Attorney Recruitment and Professional Development) Swinger, Grant T. (Bureau Chief) Sylvester, Stephen J. (Assistant Attorney General II) Telisman, Ari Isaac (Assistant Attorney General II) Thompson-Smith, Lynette (Attorney) Threlkeld, Raymond (Bureau Chief) Tikalsky, Nancy Jean (Assistant Attorney General, Environmental Bureau) Triebel, Karl R. (Assistant Attorney General II) Truett, Eric Walter (Assistant Attorney General II) Tullio, Heather Ann (Assistant Attorney General I) Turner, Christopher M.R. (Assistant Attorney General II) Upadhyaya, Shilpi Vinod (Assistant Attorney General I) Vaidya, Anshuman Avinash (Assistant Attorney General II) Vale, Thomas Hauck (Attorney) Van Kampen, Martin A. (Unit Supervisor) Van Wie, Jennifer Antoinette (Assistant Attorney General II) VandeBurgt, David Wayne (Bureau Chief) Walker, Gregory Eric (Assistant Attorney General I) Wallace, Elizabeth A. (Assistant Attorney General) Walter, Christopher Edward (Assistant Attorney General II) Welsh, Mary Ellen Margaret (Assistant Attorney General/Brief Reviewer) Wesley, Howard Barry (Assistant Attorney General III) Wheeler, Paula Becker (Bureau Chief) White, Akeela Maisha (Assistant Bureau Chief) Wichern, Nadine Jean (AAG / Brief Reviewer) Wiesen, Sasha James (Assistant Attorney General II) Wikoff, Larry Richard (Attorney) Williams, Jacqueline Koth (Assistant Unit Supervisor) Witherspoon, Jeanne Marie (Assistant Attorney General II) Wong, Sheri Lynn (Assistant Attorney General I) Wrone, Steven W. (Senior Policy Advisor) Wunder, Laura Marjorie (Senior Assistant Attorney General) Wyder-Harshman, Elaine Jacqueline (Assistant Attorney General I) Ziemann, Amanda Jane (Assistant Attorney General II) Zlotow, Jennifer Marie (Assistant Attorney General II)
Office Information
100 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 814-3000
Other Offices
Zeke Giorgi Center
200 South Wyman St.
Suite 307
Rockford, Illinois 61101
(815) 967-3883
1776 E. Washington St.
Urbana, Illinois 61802
(217) 278-3366
601 South University Ave.
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
(618) 529-6400
628 Maine Street
Quincy, Illinois 62301
(217) 223-2221
201 West Pointe Drive
Suite 7
Belleville, Illinois 62226
(618) 236-8616
500 South Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62706
(217) 782-1090
7906 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60619
(773) 488-2600
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